We know styling your space can be overwhelming, so we are sharing some of the best living room styling tips we have learnt over the years.

First things first – Choosing your lounge or sofa

You can think of styling like building your home – it’s important to start with a strong foundation to add to.  In a living room, the foundational pieces are your lounge or sofa.   It’s hard to build the lounge room you love without a lounge you love!

So what to look for in a lounge?

  • Durability

The average lounge will stay in your lounge room for more than 7 years so make sure you choose something long lasting and timeless. Also consider fabric and leather care when choosing your sofa. 

  • Size
    The size you choose depends on both the size of your space and your family. Smaller sofas are a great alternative for little apartments, while modular lounges are great for big families to sprawl across. You also need to make sure it will fit through your doorways and get into the lounge room!
Skylar 2 and 3 seater sofas
Sofas are a great solution for smaller spaces or pair two together for a larger space! (Pictured: Skylar sofa)
  • Comfort
    Sure you want something that looks great, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort! Spend some time deciding what kind of feel is comfortable for you.  If you like to lie down across your lounge, make sure it’s long enough or consider a design with chaise.  If you’re taller, you might prefer a sofa with a high back for extra support.

  • Style
    It can be easy to jump straight into what’s currently trending, but a lounge is an investment that you want to work in with the style of your home for years to come. If in doubt, we recommend choosing a simple, timeless style and decorating with throw cushions and blankets. This way you can update your style simply by switching out the cushions. There are even lounges that come with free matching throw pillows!
Jayceon Lounge
The Jayceon Lounge from Ashley Furniture includes free matching throw cushions
  • Functionality
    Do you have friends and family who visit often? Then you might want to consider a sofa bed to save space. 
    There are also lounges with built-in storage, hidden ottomans, cup-holders and even USB-charging points!
Giorgio Lounge
Our Giorgio Lounge features hidden ottomans, a pull-out sofa bed and adjustable headrests.

Styling your new lounge

So now you’ve got your lounge or sofa sorted, what’s next?

Cushions and throw blankets are a great way to inexpensively add your own personal style. Don’t be afraid to mix different colours and shapes. A low rectangular cushion in front of a square cushion helps adds depth and height to your sofa.

  • Colour
    To choose colours look at what is already in the room. Got a favourite artwork? Choose your cushions in similar colours and tones. Different colours carry different emotions, for example blue is cool and calm while orange is warm and playful. 
  • Texture
    Add another layer of texture with a casually draped throw blanket. The secret for getting the perfect arrangement is to pinch the blanket in the centre while holding it in the air, then pull the pinched section towards the back of the sofa.

  • Magic Numbers
    It is possible to have too much of a good thing – if you have a big collection of cushions and throws, considering alternating them rather than overloading your lounge which can look cluttered.
    Odd numbers work well for a relaxed and natural vibe, such as three cushions or one blanket. If you’re after a particularly formal look then you can use symmetry by placing an equal number on each side of the couch.


Jetson Sofa
Styling doesn’t need to be symmetrical, try grouping three items together in the corner of the sofa. (Pictured: Jetson Sofa)

Finishing Touches

Finally don’t forget the coffee table! Tables are a great way to create a cohesive look throughout your space, whilst also being great storage options. Coffee tables come in a huge range of styles from modern industrial, to classic and traditional. Consider the rest of the space when choosing your coffee table and pair with matching side tables to complete the look.

Kingston Lifestyle range of furniture
A modern living room featuring our Kingston range of furniture

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