Which mattress size should I choose?

The standard Australian mattress sizes are Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King. Some mattresses are also available in Long Single or Super King. Sometimes you can even buy specially designed mattresses for bunk beds! Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we are here to help with our complete guide to mattress sizes!

Mattress sizes are different all around the world. The standard bed sizing in Australia is different to common bed sizes in both the USA and the UK. Our closest match in bed sizes is our neighbours in New Zealand. Bed bases are generally the same size as their corresponding mattresses, but they may be slightly longer or wider, so keep this in mind when choosing your size. Keep reading for our complete guide of Australian Mattress Sizes.

Diagram of Australian Mattress Sizes

Single Mattress

A Single mattress measures 920 x 1870mm and is suitable for sleeping one person. They are great for tight spaces, a first ‘big kid’ bed, or on a trundle bed for guests.

A Single mattress is also a great option for smaller bedrooms or apartment living, where every centimeter of floor space counts! If you find that a Single is too small, but you don’t have room for a Queen or King, the Long Single or King Single are great alternatives, that offer a little bit of extra sleeping space.

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Long Single Mattress

A Long Single has the same width as a single mattress but is slightly longer at 920 x 2030mm. Two Long Single mattresses side-by-side are the same size as a King mattress.
Long Single mattresses are a great choice for partners who have different comfort preferences or mattress needs, individuals who require extra length in a single (but don’t have the space for a King Single) or for Adjustable Split King Beds.

By placing two Long Singles on a split base adjustable bed, you can truly create your own unique sleeping experience, completely independent of your partner whilst still remaining in close proximity.

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Combine two Long Singles with an Adjustable Base for ultimate customised comfort

King Single Mattress

The King Single is the largest of all the single mattresses, measuring 1060 x 2030mm. It is wide and longer than a standard Single.

They are a popular choice for teenagers and young adults who have outgrown a standard Single mattress, or adults who want extra length and width but don’t have room for a Queen or King.

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Double Mattress

A Double mattress is a great choice for anyone who has restricted bedroom space but needs more width than a Single mattress. A standard Australian Double mattress size is 13370 x 1870mm. A Queen or King mattress will provide extra length but may not fit your space, so the Double is a great compromise.

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The Rojo Double Bed is a stylish choice for any space

Queen Mattress

This is the most popular bed and mattress size in Australia, measuring 1530 x 2030mm. It has the same length as a King but is wider and longer than a Double.

Queen Mattresses are great for growing teenagers, couples, or individuals who enjoy a little more space to sleep. They are also great if you sleep solo but share your bed space with pets and want a little more room.

You’re often most likely to find Queen Mattresses on display in stores giving you plenty of opportunities to try them in person.  According to BedBuyer approximately 61% of Australians sleep on a Queen size mattress making them a versatile and popular choice.

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Queen Beds are also often available as part of complete bedroom sets: California Queen Bedroom Package

King Mattress

The King size is ideal for couple and families, it measures 1830 x 2030mm. King beds are becoming increasingly popular (21% of Aussies sleep on a King mattress). It’s a great choice for families with kids who all climb into the same bed each morning or anyone sharing their bed space with pets.

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Why not try a King bed with extra storage, such as the Wellington King with Drawers?

Super King

At 2030 x 2030mm the Super King is the luxury choice for anyone with bedroom space to spare.  Perfect for anyone who enjoys lots of sleeping space, along with families or couples with pets.  Make sure you measure your space and ensure you have enough room before investing in a Super King mattress and bed base.

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Whatever sized mattress you choose ComfortStyle are here to help, visit one of our 23 stores across WA to experience our range of mattresses or shop online from the comfort of your home!

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