Do you have a tiny living room? Maybe a bedroom that’s barely got room for the bed? It can sometimes seem impossible to style and enjoy these cramped spaces, but we’ve gathered a great collection of tips and tricks to make any room in your home feel bigger – without any renovations!

The clutter has got to go

Clutter can make even the biggest space feel cramped and chaotic, so in a small space it has definitely got to go! Clearing away your clutter is the first step in claiming back your space (& your sanity!)  

We’ve talked about handy ways to get rid of your clutter (and keep it gone!) over in this blog post here.  Clearing away the clutter doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to any of your belongings, just get smart with storage and keep your surfaces clean and clear.

A great way to maximise space and keep it tidy in the long-term is finding clever furniture with hidden storage.

Think about your décor, often less is more so try to limit your decorative pieces to only a few favourites.

Our Dunsborough Hall Table is sleek & slim while also providing handy storage drawers
The Jayda Coffe Table has handy storage so you can keep everything within reach

Mirror, Mirror on the wall..

This tip has been an interior stylist secret for a long time, adding a mirror on the wall is an instant way to brighten and enlarge any room! Take a look around next time you’re staying in a hotel room – these often have large mirrors to make a cramped space feel bigger. 

Mirrors enlarge your space by reflecting light and conveying the illusion of more room.  They’re not just limited to the bedroom either – why not try a hanging mirror in your entryway or a decorative frame above a mantlepiece.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels
Photo by Rebecca from Pexels
How low can you go?

Higher ceilings make a room feel bigger so look for ways to draw the eye upwards. One of the ways you can do this is with lower furniture.
For example, consider a mid-century style, low profile sofa over a tall, high-backed lounge. Sleek low coffee tables are another easy solution.  Don’t be afraid to show a little leg either – by showing the floor beneath the furniture it makes it look as though the floor space is a lot larger than it really is.

Our Rockwell Sofa has trendy exposed timber legs to help increase your visible floor space and make the room feel larger

It doesn’t all rest on your lounge either! Here are some either tips to help make your ceiling feel higher:

  • Hanging artwork and mirrors up high on the wall
  • Tall décor pieces such as lamps
  • Tall shelving and wall-mounted displays
No more wallflowers

Most people naturally tend to push their furniture right up against the walls. It might be because we think that having it “out of the way” makes a room feel bigger, but that actually isn’t the case! Your furniture needs a little bit of breathing room, even just shifting slightly away from the wall can add the suggestion of extra space to your room.  

Without blocking walkways try rearranging your existing furniture away from the walls and into the available open space. Check out how we’ve placed the lounge in the center of the room below:

Our Byron Lifestyle Range works beautifully in small spaces
Light it up

We already mentioned lighting when we talked about mirrors, but light is a powerful tool for enhancing and enlarging any small space! Here’s a few ways you can brighten and lighten your space:

  • Let your windows shine: consider removing heavy or overpowering curtains to maximise light. Even when open bulky curtains can still block the edges of your windows – losing you valuable light!
  • Don’t let furniture stand in the way – where possible rearrange so tall furniture isn’t blocking your windows
  • Light up the shadows – use lamps and other carefully placed lights to brighten up the shadows and enlarge your space. Check out some of our favourite small space lamp tables below:
White and Bright

It’s no secret that white walls can help make your space feel bigger, but it doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall white! Any lighter colours will help create a sense of airy brightness.  If you’re in love with your moody feature wall or bold colours, never fear! You can still make your space pop – just be careful with the rest of your colour choice and avoid too much dark and heavy furniture.

We hope these tips can help you create a space that you love! Our friendly in-store staff are always happy to help provide advice when choosing new furniture. You can also follow us on Instagram and Pinterest for regular style tips and inspiration.

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