Kids bedrooms are so much more than just a place to sleep! For children, their bedroom is often their own little retreat, play area, study zone AND bedroom all rolled into one space!

Here we are sharing some simple tips on how you can style your little one’s room to create a space that is both stylish and functional (without breaking the bank!) Plus we’ve curated a collection of free wall art printables to get you started!

There are three key factors to keep in mind when setting up your child’s bedroom – create something that is multi-purpose, that grows with them, and keep the design fun and individual just for them!

Our Top Tips for Styling Kids Bedrooms

Storage Savers: Invest in furniture that is functional and stylish! Does your child struggle to keep their space tidy? Consider looking for a bed with hidden extra storage so you have somewhere to keep the clutter! If your child’s room is also their primary play space more storage might be necessary – this is where bookshelves, blanket boxes and wardrobes all come into play.

Floating shelves are a great way to display your child’s favourite toys or creative masterpiece whilst also clearing up valuable floor space. Swap out what’s on display as their interests change.

The Aria Lift-Up Bed provides a handy hidden storage solution

Create a neutral base: Kids obsessions come and go so quickly, so it can quickly become expensive and chaotic trying to decorate to match whatever the current trend is! Instead aim to build a timeless room and decorate with different accessories that you can easily replace. For example, instead of painting or wallpapering an entire wall, consider removable vinyl decals stickers which can be swapped out easily and cheaply when necessary.

Sleepover Solutions: Avoid the dreaded sleepover stress with hidden trundle beds! Instead of having to pull out and inflate a lumpy old blow-up mattress, be prepared for any surprise sleepover with a roll-out trundle bed.

The Ciara Trundle Bed with storage drawers and pull out spare bed

DIY Decorations: This is a great way to keep under budget and create lasting memories with your little one!

  • Create a gallery wall of their artwork in mismatched frames
  • Make a pompom garland in their favourite colours
  • Paint a blank canvas together
  • Print out some of their family favourite photos
  • Make your own posters! Instead of paying a premium for mass-produced posters, easily print your own at your local printer or Officeworks. Pexels and Unsplash are great sources for FREE high-quality images, or use a free template in Canva to create your own one-of-a-kind artwork in minutes!
  • If you’re stuck on ideas, Pinterest is an incredible free resource of inspiration and easy to follow DIY tutorials for any skill level.

If this still sounds like too much work for you, never fear! We have curated a collection of free printable artworks that you can print at home. For the easiest DIY, check out our collection of 10 free kids room printables! Follow the links under the image to download the artwork.

Let them grow into it: Don’t be scared to invest in full-size furniture for your kid’s room. If you’re decorating for teenagers or older kids, consider a King Single or even Double Bed frame and mattress. This will save you from having to invest in another bed as they grow. The same goes for storage solutions, investing in a full-size dresser or wardrobe will save you from re-purchasing again (and gives you extra storage! win-win!)

Our stylish Rojo Bed is available in both Double and King Single to cater for all ages and sizes

Shared Bedrooms: Decorating a room for more than one child? Sharing a bedroom can be tricky – each person wants their own space and privacy. Bunk beds are the ultimate solution! They are perfect for maintaining a little privacy, giving everybody their space, and avoiding cramped, cluttered bedrooms by leaving plenty of room for activities!

Place a bunk bed in the centre of the room to evenly divide the space between siblings, or arrange it against the wall for ultimate floorspace potential. For safety reasons, make sure you choose a bunk that meets Australian Safety Standards and pair it with a specially designed bunk mattress.

The modern Madison Bunk is like a blank canvas – a perfect match for any space
The Flynn Bunk and Zeek Bunk Mattress make the perfect pair

We hope this guide helps you plan and design a room that you and your little one will love for years to come! Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for lots more inspiration and styling tips!

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